About us

MainCookies was born out of love for desserts and sweet treats. I've been baking since my early teens and have fallen in love with creating treats. This all started due to my personal craving for not only amazing, but especially vegan friendly cookies. 

MainCookies is all about mighty, handmade, quality gourmet cookies. All cookies start with a unique base dough that is good enough to stand on it's own. Then we add mix-ins to the dough and fill each cookie with a unique filling. Lastly we top the cookies off with their own individual topping that suits each cookie flavor. These cookies are a treat and sweet lovers vegan dream come true! 

We love to experiment with new cookie flavors. So our cookie line-up will possibly change every week! 


We're big on taking care of our environment. Even as a small business I feel responsible to reduce waste and contribute to ecological health. By reducing waste we contribute to the longevity of our planet. For our kids, families, future generations and for all the other species that we share this planet with. 

The cookies are packaged in naturally compostable bags. Our box filling material is made from 100% plant based material and is biodegradable. Even our thank you notes are made from agricultural waste instead of wood pulp from trees, and is produced via a carbon neutral production process. 

This is me! My name is Mishaela and I'm the gal behind MainCookies and I bake all of your cookies!